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Russian A1 Part 1

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A1 Course (Part 1) - Beginner Level 46 lessons - 12 hours - 4 quizzes Real-life dialogues, vocabulary, grammar, explanations and lots of practice with versatile materials for all kinds of learning styles. Lessons are in English with detailed explanations and lots of practice. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN - You will be able to read and write in Russian with confidence - You will be able to introduce yourself and others - You will talk about jobs people do - You will talk about cities, countries, families, possessions and daily routines - You will understand how Present and Past Tenses work in Russian - You will be able to go shopping in Russia - ask for prices and items in the shop REQUIREMENTS - Complete Beginner - NO previous knowledge of Russian is required - 20 minutes a day once or twice a week to achieve best possible results - Motivation to keep going!



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